Ancillary Studies

As a general policy, the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) invites investigator-initiated research project applications for ancillary studies to ongoing, large-scale clinical trials, epidemiological studies, and disease databases supported by the Institute. These studies are focused on a wide range of diseases and conditions including diabetes, obesity, acute and chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, and benign prostatic hyperplasia, among others. The NIDDK program announcement describes this policy in greater detail.

The DILIN studies are eligible for ancillary studies under this policy. The goal of any ancillary study must complement but not overlap or interfere with the primary and secondary objectives of DILIN. Moreover, each applicant must agree to abide by DILIN procedures for conducting these studies. Qualified and interested investigators are invited to consult DILIN’s Ancillary Studies Guidelines.

There can be long lead times, and it is highly recommended that investigators contact DILIN study chairman Dr. Paul Watkins at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 4 to 6 months before any grant application is due.